Aremkuz Explorer
Explore the reconstructed Soviet Aremkuz plant, turned into an IT cluster. Visit new educational blocks and communicate with residents.
The story
Graduation project in MARHI
Moscow, like other global cities, is facing the challenge of transforming former industrial zones. These territories divide the continuous living space of the city, separating the central part from the periphery. The territory of the Aremkuz plant is one of the zones that violate the dynamic environment of the city center.
The reconstruction will transform the former plant into a multifunctional complex, including offices and buildings of the technological institute faculty, as well as a library, a cafe and public spaces. A global idea will unite the territory, but will not interfere with the development of supportive functions and will make life inside the complex more diverse.
Exploration game
As a freshman in a new technological institute, a player moves around campus and communicates with other students and teachers.
Auditorium of the educational complex
Aremkuz is an open world bounded by campus. Locations are arranged according to the canons of old-school RPG games. The player moves around the general map, which displays all the buildings of the institute. When a player enters a building, only one room is displayed on the screen at a time.
Students and teachers
The best scientists and the most talented students live and work in the educational complex.